Does Insurance Cover Storm Damage Roof Repair?

Roofing materials being torn off the roof.

If you’ve experienced damage to your roof due to extreme weather, one of the first questions you need answered is whether insurance covers storm damage roof repair. In this article, we examine the essential factors that influence insurance coverage, ranging from policy details to the condition and age of your roof. Additionally, we will discuss […]

How to Handle Roof Storm Damage: A Comprehensive Guide

An image of a roof, storm damage has caused shingles to pull away from the roof.

The thunder’s deafening rumbles have quieted, the wind’s fierce gusts have settled, and the rain’s relentless pour has dwindled to mere droplets. Pulling back the blinds, the sight of a yard in disarray meets your gaze. A pressing thought emerges, “Did my home endure? What’s our next move?”  If you’ve lived even a few seasons […]